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What do you get when you cross Superbowl 50 with your 50th Anniversary? Only The Party of the Year!

April 21, 2016

This was the Party of the Century!   We were lucky enough to be a part of this amazing Super bowl party and work with some of the best vendors out there!  This took place on Super bowl Sunday at the stunning Hotel Emma.  Guests were greeted with a 50 foot turf runner, cheerleaders, football players and even a mascot that led to oversized megaphones and a drum line to start the party off right!

There were three different areas of the party, the Owners Private event,  the Pub and the kids hangout!  The kids had a blast with different gaming systems, arcade games and lots of party favors!

The Pub was set up with Karaoke, neon signs, electronic dart board, a pool table and of course big screens to watch the game!

Starr 8

The owners party took place in the main ballroom.  Lush arrangements of red roses atop sequined linens were placed throughout the room with a show stopping piece in the center of a round red LED lit bar. Wait staff had custom football jerseys and bartenders were decked out in referee attire, complete with whistle.


Leading to the ballroom was an action station framed with 2 large pilsner arrangements of all red roses.

Starr 9

It certainly was an “action” station as the staff at Emma continuously filled this counter with gorgeous food presentations all evening.


And if that wasn’t enough, check out the outrageous dessert table!

Starr 30

The special treat of the night was a surprise for all of the guests.  The hosts planned a spectacular Half-Time show with DJ Stradivari  “The Violin Guy”.  He is a worldwide entertainer  and puts on the most mesmerizing  performance where he plays different instruments, sings and has an accompanying laser show!

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