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Kay Kay and Charles/Argyle/San Antonio, TX/June 1, 2013

July 5, 2013

Kay Kay and Charles celebrated their “Luck of the Irish” wedding beginning with a sunset ceremony at Christ Episcopal Church.  The bride and groom exchanged “I Do’s” in front of an altar beautifully decorated with white hydrangea, white peony and with keeping with the irish theme….bells of ireland.


After the Ceremony, the bride and groom made a grand entrance down a floral garland staircase to the beautiful sounds of authentic Irish Bagpipers.



The festivities continued into the evening, the reception tent was dressed with oversized candlelit lanterns hanging from the ceiling, filled with lush greenery, citron green hydrangea, and bells of Ireland.  Each of the guest tables boasted full uniquely designed arrangements in sleek gold vases, hot pink  peony were added to the green citron hydrangea, bells of Ireland, and green trick to give a dramatic flair.

GoughWedding-1642 !cid_E658251D5975411595F6DD0A475B1E41@SueAlamo


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